Welcome to SOS!

Helping others is what we do best.

Sustainable Outreach Solutions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to human rights, medical and social training; public building and public utility construction and disaster relief.

Sustainable Outreach Solutions utilizes the skills of volunteer professionals in the fields of medical aid/training, telecommunications, distance learning, internet access, and engineering/construction services (hydrology, sanitation, electrical, construction and public utilities). You can volunteer for a project by completing the Volunteer Application.

We are guided by our goal of promoting sustainable Domestic and International humanitarian aid. Our headquarters is based in Scottsdale, Arizona USA but we offer our services and aid worldwide to any community in need. If you know of or live in a region that would benefit from our services fill out the Application for Assistance and we will review your request.

Thank you for your visit and come back again soon for updates, improvements and more information about our organization and our benefit events.